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Top 10 Best Android Root Apps in 2020

Are you aware that you can transform your Android smartphone into more powerful equipment than an iOS phone? Well, most of us might not have a clue of what the trick is. There are plenty of apps that can be installed and do all the wonders you never imagined. We simply call them android root apps.

While this might sound so compelling, it is never that simple as you may end up installing the wrong tool. With this review, we shall be discussing the top 10 best android root apps in 2020 you can consider.

What is an Android Root App?

First, it is crucial to understand what rooting means. Rooting involves unlocking an Android device’s operating system to install the unapproved apps, update the operating system, retrieve the removed undesired bloat-ware, and customize anything you wish, including many others.

It allows android users to get specific privileged control over their devices. Its main objective is to help users overcome limitations put forward by hardware developers and careers on particular devices. For this process to be successful, android app developers created a unique software tool known as the android root app.

An android root app refers to a specialized software application designed to enhance and open new possibilities to your rooted android devices. This implies that they are best suited to work compatibly with such devices. As a result, you will get the most excellent experience of using your android phone and the root app.

They are designed differently to perform a specific task. Most of them can be downloaded and installed free of charge from relevant app stores like Google Play Store or online websites. Some require payments to download.

Without much further ado, let’s now look at our list of top 10 best android root apps in 2020.

Best 10 Android Root Apps

  1. Adblock Plus

You are tired of annoying advertisements and pop-ups whenever you browse on web pages? Well, Adblock Plus is arguably known to be one of the best free android root apps ad blockers that work efficiently and conveniently. It works best on most web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera while ensuring maximum functionality.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus works on both rooted and non-rooted android devices. It intelligently operates continuously in the background while spying for intrusions like ads and pop-ups and shuts them down. For efficiency, this top root app filters website’s traffic acting like a web browser extension. Its smallest apk downloadable size of 1.8mb makes it super easy and faster to install regardless of the network your devise supports.


  • Blocks ads in an extensive range of web browsers and apps
  • You can use it without rooting
  • 100% free and comes with no hidden costs
  • Saves on bandwidth and screen size


  • Few advertisements might remain.
  1. Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup Pro is one of the best root apps in 2020 for android devices. This paid android rooter offers better features that add to what the free version does. It lets you save your android device’s data or life. In reality, this app allows you to back up or restore an app’s data plus settings on your android device to Dropbox or Google Drive Cloud-based storage services.

It offers you the most straightforward and effortless way of uninstalling an app while at the same time, allowing for future retrieval. The Titanium Backup Pro works by freezing apps while restricting them from operating in the background while remaining in your android device. As such, you can reliably backup for all applications and app data.

Titanium Backup Pro


  • You can make multiple backups per app
  • Allows for data encryption for safety
  • Allows for easy moving of phone data to and from incompatible ROMs
  • Data can be backed to Dropbox and Google Drive


  • It’s not user friendly for backing up complex data
  1. Permission Ruler

Permission Ruler comes next as one of the top root apps you can enjoy installing on your android device. It requires no rooting to operate but instead helping you to manage android app permissions manually. It is exclusively designed to automatically revoke all your mobile apps from using dangerous permissions even when your phone’s screen is off.

This will help in protecting your privacy from getting infringed even when your phone is in your pocket. With this app, expect an increased battery lifespan since all the apps can’t do whatever they want in the background. Besides, it ensures less running time and consumes less power. Using it is pretty straightforward and free to install.


  • Enhances user’s privacy as it revokes all app permissions
  • Increases battery life by restricting app operations in the background
  • Easy to manage all system app permissions
  • Allows customizations in locking certain features


It doesn’t grant permission back automatically.

  1. Servicely

You are looking for an excellent top root app that will entirely control operation in the background of your android device? Servicely should be your best choice. It is available in different versions right from free to paid versions, with prices of up to $3.99 for reliable reach. Expect a significant battery life saving with this app as it helps prevent battery hungry applications from running in the background.


The free version only allows you to put brakes on at most three apps. But, you can still stop individual services rather than preventing an entire app. If you wish to have more than three apps to restrict, you will have to get the Pro version.


  • Improves battery lifespan
  • Allows for customization on what apps to run in the background
  • Eliminates unwarranted wakeups of your device


  • The free version has limited alternative features.
  1. DiskDigger

Do you always find problems trying to restore your accidentally deleted data or formatted android device? Thanks to the DiskDigger android root app as it lets you retrieve your lost data expertly. It boasts excellent numbers for downloads, reviews, and ratings as one of the best and most reliable root apps you can get in 2020.


It functions by scanning all the directories of your android device for all deleted files. Its free version only restores particular deleted files such as PNG, JPG, and MPG. For you to recover an extensive range of data with different file formats, the pro version, which costs as low as $2.99, would be the best choice. Thus, it’s one of the best-paid android root apps on the market.


  • Helps to retrieve lost media files much more comfortable and faster
  • It’s pretty straightforward to use
  • The free version allows for necessary file retrieval
  • A vast range of data can be retrieved at much affordable price


  • Limited range of files to be recovered with the free version
  1. System App Remover

Some system apps can be so frustrating to use, or they occupy much storage space of your device. This prompts you to uninstall them by all means. Using System App Remover can be a great tool to install. It entirely relieves you the burden and eliminates such undesired system default apps with just a click of a button.

Another significant role this best-rooted app 2020 play is that it can help in backing up installed apps for easy retrieval. To use the System App Remover, your android device needs to have root access. Once done, you will get to enjoy the massive benefits it comes with. You will find it with up to five colours to choose from and customize its interface outlook.


  • Easy and faster to use with just a click of a button
  • Hassle-free to check space used by apps
  • Tested to be safe and malware-free
  • Allows for backing up of installed apps


  • Works on rooted devices only.
  1. Greenify

You must have noticed that some apps keep on running in the background of your android device. They tend to drain your device’s battery while performing various tasks. Thankfully, you can use Greenify to help in saving your battery use. This app automatically hibernates apps that drain the battery as well as other resources.

Still, it ensures they provide maximum functionality whenever they run in the foreground. It frees up the RAM and CPU cycles. With a rating of 4.5 stars on the Google Play store, it has proven to be the world’s best root apps for users. You can use the free version or the paid version, meaning that their operation will vary slightly.


  • Helps to save battery life of Android devices
  • It’s free to download
  • Quickly recovers lost battery life
  • Hibernates distracting notifications from apps
  • Suitable for downloading on any android device


  • Limited options for battery saving on the free version
  • Requires manual confirmation of app hibernation
  1. Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher comes as one of the essential tools that permit its users to patch android apps. This app will find your luck in getting rid of annoying ads from apps and games. You can easily remove the license verification or in-app purchase verification. If you wish to eliminate undesired app permissions, this app will correctly do the job for you.

Using the Lucky Patcher is hassle-free as it displays all the apps installed on your device for the natural selection of an app and decides what you can do with it. Interestingly, you can back up installed apps and games to the memory card if you like. The best thing with this app, no rooting is needed to download it.


  • Super easy to use
  • Blocks and removes annoying ads
  • Abolishes all unwanted app permissions
  • Requires no rooting


  • It may not perform all the tasks on non-rooted devices
  1. Root Essentials

To put it in simple terms, Root Essentials is typically a toolbox for rooted android devices that allows you to customize features that can be hard in typical situations fully. The entire features present in this app are well divided into three groups for easy access and use. They allow you to modify the device’s battery utilization, flash, customize features, or check all the phone details.

It smartly comes with a storage feature that lets you decide where to install all the default or deleted apps from your phone’s system. You will find its interface offering tons of impressive features and change all sorts of things. Root Essentials is highly recommended to any user with a rooted android device for an exceptional android use experience.


  • Allows total customization of the features for excellent use
  • Facilitates restoration of initially deleted app thanks to the storage feature it offers
  • Plenty of tools renders it like the toolbox of your device
  • Free to download with no hidden costs incurred


  • Some users find its many features to be pretty complicating.
  1. Apps 2SD Pro: All in One Tool (Root)

Last but not least, is the Apps 2SD Pro – an all in one tool which boasts a vast number of downloads including ratings. It is available for free downloads to bring convenience in managing your phone device as well as linking your apps to an SD. This means that you can quickly move your android apps to the SD card with root.

It is the best-rooted app 2020 that comes with everything you require for excellent managing your precious Android device. This fantastic tool can operate an APK, Odex, dex, internal data, and external data. Some of the items it features include a Busybox installer and app remover. It’s the best app to use on your device with less internal storage space.


  • Highly versatile thanks to the extensive features
  • Helps to maximize external storage SD
  • It’s free to download and install on your phone
  • Facilitate battery life boosting


  • Works only on rooted devices


Where can I download an android root app?

Most root apps for android devices can be found on relevant websites and application stores with Google Play Store leading worldwide.

Why should I use an android root app?

Using an android root app depends entirely on how best you want to optimize your device’s performance. They are availed in different styles and meant to perform a specific task. Installing such an app will help you get access to restricted applications, resources, or perform any kind of hacking the operating system of your device.

What should I use to root my android device?

The easiest way of rooting your device is by using a unique rooting app. They include, BaiduRoot, One Click Root, and Framaroot plus others. They tend to do it faster and efficiently on only those devices with a compatible Android version.


As seen above, it is clear that there are hundreds of android root apps offered by different web platforms or app stores. You will find them with various features and unique functions. They mostly enhance the utmost performance of your device but can also boost its lifespan.

To this point, we believe you have noted the best app for you to use on either rooted or non-rooted android devices. While some come free for downloads and others require you to make purchases, you should choose the one that will suit your desires.

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