Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac

Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac

Are you tired of the standard apple keyboard? If yes, then you should try ergonomic keyboards? If you are among users of the Mac, take advantage of this keyboard. You will be amazed at how it works. When you buy such a manual, you will surely realize and regret why you never use it before. Below we have some of the best Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac.

Our Selected Top Ergonomic Keyboards for Your Mac

  1. Perixx PERIBOARD 612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

If you prefer typing with little effort, you will need to use Perixx per board 612. The keyboard is a vital divided enterprise that kinds of palm rest relaxed when typing. The manual also has hypermedia hot-keys for handlers.

Perixx PERIBOARD 612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Details & Features


When you are via, make sure to switch amongst the two joining options at the lowest of your keyboard. It has a nano headset that stores securely in the constituent of the physical. It allows the user to attach quickly and last with the work he or she was responsible for.


The preparation of this keyboard is combined into the palm that is rest provision on the wrists. When you press, it decreases the prepare tension. When you type due to the usual arm reduces the minimum of typing. The carpal tunnel condition of the console will help you with your work keying.


It fast switched between the Mac and the gap operating on your keyboard. Some of the letters include the next: keycap puller, 12-month-limited-warranty, and physical. Due to the obligation desirable, your work will be easy.


This key will aid you with the long coldness that satisfies keying and the feeling of reduction mistyping. Your keyboard will function smartly and securely while typing.


  • Comfortable design
  • Feel of the keyboard.


  • Keys stick randomly, tossing me off when I’m working.
  • On/off change is underneath

Why it’s best

The keyboard uses the gum dome switch, which raises speed when keying. It has a sweet, tactile snap to the keys and sounds similar to a Topre keyboard. When you are typing, you will notice some of the perfections, and work will become much more relaxed.

  1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )

If you are looking for a unique keyboard, Microsoft’s Sculpt keyboard still the best you need to buy. The manual mainly used for the business, not Gaming. You will enjoy the comfort of the keyboard as you compare to others.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )

Details & Features

Palm Rest

It only fixated on the comfort region of your console when typing. You will like the excellent palm rest though typing. The console will also provide you with a usual position your knowledge when using the keyboard.

Divided Keyset Design

The keyboard is imaginary; you will never find wherever else. It has an outstanding project to have your wrist location where you will like and feel relaxed, relaxing as you type.

Natural Layout

If you admire how the standard layout of the keyboard looks, check Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic; it will be the right one. The manual will game the usual form of your fingertips. Your finger will support you most, perhaps when typing. Microsoft destined to caring this console as usual to humans as likely.

Separate NUMPAD

The elasticity of the separate Numpad is decent for the workstation. You will have the least set up that you will have the good old of separate Numpad.


  • It has a usual layout
  • The design of the console is great
  • Softened Palm Rest


  • Not apposite for Gaming
  • The design is non-modular

Why it’s best

The keyboard was designed for comfort, and you will enjoy using it well typing. The separate number pad comprises an enter hey, delete and backspace and an adding machine button. It is quite durable and seems to be liquid hardy and easy to clean. The divided spacebar will remove central warp too.

  1. Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Try kinesis freestyle two ergonomic keyboards if you are pointed for the faultless selling ergonomic keyboard for Mac. The console comes with a 9-inch distinct device that has a lot of material going on. The design of the manual is great when typing and comfort.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Details & Features

High-Quality Membrane Switches

The keyboard has membrane changes that used for the start force. When you are keying, it will be easier for you and content more accessible. The keyboard layout delivers tactile notice to users.

Award-Winning Split Keyboard

You will find out that the greatest of the keyboard is fixed. This displays you cannot division them or separate the keys. Using a specific console, you suppose great modular of the projected keyboard. The manual can have nine elements inch that is separate, which makes it countless of use. The arm position becomes stable when typing.

Sleek, low-profile design

You will find out that the greatest of the keyboards, counting ergonomic, has a 10-degree positive slope from the obverse to back. The design of the keys inclines to bend your wrist. The Freestyle2 has a zero degree slope, which decreases the height, efficiently making adverse incline and dropping wrist delay.

It follows the standard MAC layout.

The biggest tricky with this keyboard is the old-style MAC keyboard layout. You can talented to switch to this keyboard easily and type as first speed. All the keys comprised should follow rendering to your MAC.


  • Flexible design
  • minimal learning curve layout
  • palm rests
  • Smooth key switches


  • Lack of modern design
  • no numeric keypad
  • very expensive

Why it’s best

The Freestyle2 is the most versatile ergonomic keyboard on the market and is designed to adapt to your body type and preferences to increase your comfort and boost your productivity.

  1. Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wireless Keyboard

Kensington Pro keyboard is a comfortable focus keyboard designed for the user who spent more hours at the keyboard. Built with split and inclined keys, it also features adaptable differing tilt for a neutral situation of your fingers, wrists, and prepares.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wireless Keyboard

Details & Features

Quiet keys

The keyboard considered comfortable, and when keying, it is smooth and easy. You will not get slightly of the disruptive on the keyboard. Your typing speed will increase gradually.

Split Keyset Design

This modular is different, like other keyboards on our list. You will get an excellent keyboard design to serve your purpose and have a wrist position. The adaptable reverse tilt places hands, wrists, and forearms for ease and neutral arrangement.

Pointing Device

The mouse of the keyboard is wireless and clockwise. You need to brand sure your palm set correctly on the keyboard. This console is better-quality than the reinforced 4000 by a decent measure, though the keys don’t feel reasonable as “natural.” Inexact I like that this object has two mixture modes (Bluetooth and wireless dongle)


Using this keyboard will deliver you a lot of flexibility. You can regulate the angle from zero degrees up to 30. You can see usual your keyboard rendering to your comfort zone.


  • Affordable price range
  • Single receiver
  • Comfortable keyboard/mouse
  • Battery life function well


  • No keyboard backlight
  • The keys on the keyboard are shallow profile and close together.

Why it’s best

Popular features that do typing and navigating more relaxed and more efficient.Flat, non-disruptive typing, and easy cleanup. This one very kindly amplified about for wrist care. You wrists texture like they just melt impeccably into the keyboard, and certainly has extra relaxed wrist support than the Sculpt.

  1. Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

The kinesis freestyle 2 is a perfect and successful ergonomic keyboard for Mac. Your manual will come with a 9-inch parting and maneuver with a lot of the stuff going on. The design is easy, and you can suppose your typing to be great.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Details & Features

High-Quality Membrane Switches

The use of the custom film will assist you in minimally triggering force. Therefore, once you are typing, it will be easy for you. Just buy the keyboard and enjoy the ease.

Award-Winning Split Keyboard

You will need to discover out that a lot of keyboards are fixed. It shows you cannot be able to divide them or separate them. But with this keyboard, you can expect great modular design. Hence, creation it a marvelous modular manual. For the standard hand drive, this console can have a 9-inch final. It brands the wrist and arms site steadier.

It follows the standard MAC layout.

One of the first pro by this keyboard is that it appraisals the old-style MAC keyboard layout. Henceforth, you will be gifted to change to this console just. All your keys and mess must follow the version to the ones on MAC.


The Freestyle2 Blue uses a traditional membrane key alteration that features a low-activation strength and tactile response to falling finger fatigue, influence, and strain.


  • A Flexible Design
  • No more repetitive strain injury
  • Smooth key switches


  • no control key on the right side
  • Lack of modern design

Why it’s best

You designed to acclimate to your body type and partialities to increase your ease and upsurge your output. Customize the location of the keyboard elements with adaptable split, splay, and nearby tenting to reach usual places for your hands, wrists, and warns.

  1. Microsoft 3RA-00022 Surface Ergonomic

The keyboard designed precisely for the Microsoft Surface line. The physical was intended with comfort in mind and of great choice for receiving a natural arc. The surface of the keyboard is wireless well-matched up to the 32 feet away from your device.

Microsoft 3RA-00022 Surface Ergonomic

Details & Features

The interface of the keyboard

Bluetooth Low Energy well-matched 4. 0/4. 1. Working scheme: Windows 10: The lot with Bluetooth Keen Ready Expedient with Human Border Device (HID) provision. Top-line system provisions: Requires a PC that meetings the sums for and has Windows 10.


If you are searching to get a satisfying typing keyboard, try this one you resolve, not ever remorse. This keyboard, devoted to that alteration feature, can develop one of the united ergonomic keyboards on our list. It’s many over-all consoles to own, and the value is usual too.

Carefully crafted

You will love how the original sound, stiffness, and texture deliver a steady and quiet typing knowledge with an enhanced grip. Enhanced response and arrival force stops accidental journalists and lets for smooth, reliable action.

Great Palm Rest

This keyboard has a cushioned palm rest that runs the support and brands your wrist site neutral. It discharges all kinds of pain. Later, you need not worry about pain as this console is one of the improved pain.


  • Feels great on the wrist and while typing
  • Nicely designed, helpful key feel, slightly more profound than that of a MacBook Pro
  • Easy connectivity
  • Extensive battery life


  • The bottom part is a cloth type material and gets dirty quickly
  • No loading lip like the MS 4000 keyboard before it

Why it’s best

The Surface keyboard shines at caring your hands and wrists done its keycap geometry, riven space bar, and a new natural initiative that works to stop wrist and hand strain—the skilled build quality lets for a flat typing knowledge.

  1. Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard w/ VIP3 Lifters for Mac (9″ Separation)

The Freestyle2 is the most multipurpose ergonomic console on the marketplace and intended to adjust to your body type and favorites to upsurge your ease and boost your output. Modify the keyboard modules’ location with adaptable split, splay, and tenting to attain natural places for your hands.

Details & Features


. A low-activation power and tactile response to decreasing finger exhaustion, influence, and strain.


The Kinesis KB820 model keyboard is pre-assembled with the general VIP3 tenting addition, which allows 5, 10, or 15 degrees of tenting with combined cushioned palm ropes to keep prepares neutral and wrists ropes for an optimal typing carriage.

Soft Key Touch

The keyboard has soft essential touch. Thus, keying should be a relaxed task with this keyboard. Aside from that, it requires a low start force to be activated. You don’t need to crash the underworld out of your keyboard to make all occupied.

Split Keyset Design

While not modular like some other keyboards on our list, this keyboard has a brilliant design to have your wrists located in a way that is comfortable and calm.


  • Minimal learning curve layout
  • Palm rests
    Good angle settings


  • Sharp plastic molding lines
    No numeric keypad

Why it’s best

Aside from the cons like No numeric keypad and the split factor, this keyboard is an absolute beast. You can expect the perfect comfortable design with this particular one.

  1. KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge keyboard is here to keep you comfortable during all but the most intense gaming sessions. This keyboard has two separate pieces that can be placed in various configurations to feel more natural.

Details & Features

Versatile split design

Great for typing and Gaming: move the right module out of the way and transport your mouse in close for improved durability and more exact aim. Alternate the left blade for best essential attention or to crush into a close-fitting space at a LAN. Or split the units up to 20 inches and put your watercourse mic, HOTAS, or mouse in the middle for relaxed access.

Durable Keyboard

It has a double shot backlit that is highly resilient to friction, temperature, and strippers. These fundamental forms will help you in consuming an overall relaxed typing knowledge.

High-Performance Gaming

The all-new Freestyle Edge RGB is the first split mechanical keyboard explicitly designed for Gaming. It was engineered with input from hardcore gamers to meet the strictest standards for quality, design, and performance.

Cherry MX Red Switches

This keyboard has Charry MX switches known for Gaming while minimal possession fight. So with this keyboard is just perfect for gamers and creators. Fast-paced act and gunfire games will depict you as a beaten player in the game.


  • Highly ergonomic
    Mechanical (MX Brown)
  • Split keyboard and (optional) lift kit can significantly reduce repetitive stress.


  • Essential labeling inverted from a standard QWERTY keyboard. WRONG!!!!
    Macro (Gaming) programming has no

Why it’s best

Aside from crucial labeling is inverted, you can expect an upscale design and features too. This gaming keyboard is making everything easier for a gamer. Moreover, even if you are a typist, you will benefit from this excellent keyboard.

  1. Perixx PERIDUO-606 Wireless Mini Ergonomic Keyboard

You can buy Perixx per duo keyboard design specifically to reduce the pressure from your hand while typing. This compact keyboard is one of the best option keyboards among the users.

Details & Features

Split Key Buttons

keys are separated into two groups to decrease the outward winding of your wrists. Flexibility reasons and good workspace setup. This way, you will have a rather minimal setup while still having that right Vertical Mouse in your arsenal.

Palm Rest

Mainly fixated on the comfort zone, you also get an outstanding palm rest. It will deliver you a neutral wrist situation that will eventually help you in being calm while typing.


With a low start force, these keys are tactile, which means that you don’t have to media it hard and make it firmer on yourself to use a keyboard. It has a low-pressure key pressing that will advantage you in typing.

Wireless Technology

2 4 GHz wireless skill with 33 feet (10 meters) working distance. Order to decrease the pressure from your hands while computing.


  • Adjustable Palm Rest
  • Comfortable Palm rest design
  • Affordable


  • Not suited for Gaming

Why the best

If you can afford this keyboard, one of the popular ergonomic keyboards for mac pro is because of the quality of the product itself.

  1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard L5V-00002

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard has a recent design that suggestions comfort and the newest knowledge. The split keyset and vaulted keyboard project both enable operators to hold their wrists and forearms properly. The mitigated honor rest enhances ease.

Details & Features


All these keyboards on our list are comfortable. This keyboard joined with that change feature, can become one of the faultless ergonomic keyboards on our list. It’s a general great keyboard to own, and the price is standard too.

Split Keyset Design

While not modular like some other keyboards on our list, this keyboard has an outstanding design to have your wrists located in a way that will feel relaxed and relaxed.

Separate number pad

Microsoft’s Sculpt has a separate NUMPAD for better flexibility reasons and good workspace setup.

Durable Keyboard

It has a double shot backlit that is exceptionally resistant to friction, temperature, and diluters. These key shapes will help you in consuming an overall comfortable typing knowledge.


  • The detached keypad is nice.
  • A great design


  • Keys either become unresponsive

Why is the best

Considering that this device is right for budget-oriented people, the fitting is terrible by no income. You can use it with no difficulties at all. The device supports all major phases, and it has a thin and lightweight project.

Why should you use mac ergonomic keyboards?

If you use a keyboard for an extended time, it can cause pain and smooth your hand injury. Therefore, we have originated up with some aids you need to consider here.

  • Designed for the Heavy Use

Some computer workers are at risk for keyboard-related wounds, so you need the right keyboard. If you are using a processor for your daily job, you require a machine designed for the human body. The most exceptional ergonomic keyboard might recover your response time.

  • A Contented Work Environment Boosts Productivity

If the keyboard you are using causes the fatigue, it can keep you from being productive. If you use ergonomic, it improves the output of the keyboard. You will work smartly without getting any of the matters with your limbs.

The comfort of your keyboard will permit you to perform better jobs. They are designed to enhance the ability of the labor you need to do.

  • Reduce Workplace Stress

If you face issues with work due to the laptop, this might cost you billions of the money. If your employee costs you money interfering with ability can get you promotion somewhere. Make sure you are using the right type of keyboard needed.

  • Prevention Best treats typing Injuries.

If you repeat using the keyboard several of the time, then it can cause you the damage. You need to take advantage to prevent the injury from occurring in the first place.


As you can see above, there are many benefits to Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboards. Not lone will it make a more relaxed work and play setting, many of the latest features are obtainable on the consoles as beautiful.

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