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The use of android phones among people has increased in the recent past. They are used for various purposes like communication, emailing, chatting, and browsing. Every day, various phone companies do update technology and new features. Whenever we buy a brand smartphone, there is a browser that is installed with it, which acts as a default homepage. Whenever you feel it is not that browser you need, you can change it. The home page of the browser there are some links it comes with. this links is what is referred to as content:// It is a default link that you can change if you are not interested in them.

What is

New smartphones come with a pre-installed application for browsing purposes. Once you click on the link to open, you are always asked on the browser you wish to open. Some of the popular browsers that come with it include chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, UC, among others. So one can select one of these browsers to use it on the internet in browsing. This is where becomes essential.

Content:// is a special code used in browsers for it to set a default homepage on the browser. Whenever we buy a new android smartphone, we find out that default browsers have been set and the default browser:home page. If the default is not what you want, you can be able to change them and use what you like most in browsing. Essential all of us do depend on the internet in our daily tasks. However, if your home page is not pleasing you, it might be irritating to work and to you too. Even if your phone is new or old and it’s an android one, you can easily configure the content if you are familiar with the process. If at all, you are not familiar with how to do it, we have outlined the steps to follow in order to set your home page in your default browser.

How to change the default browser in an android device?

Many companies do prefer to pre-install their applications on android phones. They configure the browser as the default, and you will be using it as your main browser in opening codes and some external apps. This means you will be forced to use them, and if they lack an updated standard, then it means it is not good. However, there are a variety of free browsers on the google play store that you can download and configure them with just a touch. Here are the steps you can follow to change your default browser homepage.

Procedure 1

  • First, activate your data connection
  • Open your browser app
  • Click on the ‘https: link’ that is on the top of the screen
  • Replace the like with ‘https; and run it
  • When https; is accessed click option button and move up
  • Once on the page click on the setting feature
  • Then Click on the general setting option
  • On the alternative that appears click set homepage
  • Finally, click the current page and save

There is also another procedure two that you can follow

Procedure 2

  • Open an internet app you want to use
  • Press on the alternative feature
  • On the page click on the setting
  • On the page that appears click on the general setting
  • Select the set homepage option
  • Choose the preferred page feature
  • Type and click okay

How to setup content://

The process of setting content:// is an inclusive process for all the various types of browsers apps. The procedure will work in all types of phones provided that they are android supported. This procedure is essential in setting up a homepage on internet apps like chrome, opera min, and chrome. The steps include

  • Open the internet browser that you want to set as your default browser.
  • On the right upper side, there will appear a menu selection with three dots.
  • Press the menu to open the setting option
  • Scroll down to the menu with a configuration setting
  • At the configuration, window click on the general setting.
  • On the next menu, a set homepage feature will appear.
  • Press the set homepage, a URL is required in this stage.
  • Write your URL you will like to be your homepage.
  • Once you have done this, you will be almost and run it.

By doing this, you will have done the full set. However, there is another alternative you can follow more, especially when you have a hidden android producer. The steps in this alternative include

  • Open the browser that you will like to set your homepage.
  • Press the menu option on the page
  • Save your page in your bookmark
  • Press on the menu option
  • Open the bookmark or your history of browsing.
  • Identify the place you had saved your file and click it while holding on it.
  • On the menu that will appear, click and configure the homepage

By following these various complete steps, you will be able to change your browser within your smartphone comfortably using the content:// The steps have been tested and found to be working, and therefore you should not worry whether they can.

 What is the value of a good homepage?

Whenever you want to change the home page of your browser, you must plan earlier. If you have been searching for any information with your phones either using your data or Wi-Fi, I am sure you will prefer a browser with add-on instead of typing or establishing your configuration whenever you want to search.

You will realize that with public Wi-Fi in browsing, there are error messages that usually comes and tells you that the connection is not secure. By using a set homepage, you will be able to reduce this problem because the browser will redirect the browser automatically to a safe page. therefore, setting the home page with your preferred browser is so good to you and to what you do. The messages become more secure.

What is Content

The advantages of a good homepage

Enhance user experience

Having a good set homepage in your smartphone creates a great experience when working or browsing on the internet. It creates a positive impression on the users as they create a good friendly feature with their browsers.

Provides quick offline and online access

A good homepage enables users to have quick access to what they browse; they also give out a wide range of important information that can be availed when offline. They enable one to download any messages from the net for later use.

Custom content

Users always personalize their browsers to what they want to see or what gives them satisfaction. With the right information and apps, they are able to comprehend and feel okay. The customization is based on the user’s preference based on interest, clients, or even culture. A good set homepage will always offer that.

It reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Sharing of information with your workmates or friends is possible if you are using a good set home page. You will have joy if you have installed your browser because it will increase your efficiency in the browser.

Cooperative engagement

A good set homepage guarantees its users a two-way experience. By setting your browser, you will be able to share your photos and information with your friends. You will have a long chat with them because you realize that you are on your favorite page platform. This improves communication and increases our experience.

The remove of content://

For all inbuilt application on the android phones content:// is used as a default URL. If the browser itself does not look good for you, it means even the homepage can’t be good for you. You will need to delete the content:// as your main homepage. There is a procedure or steps that you can follow to do that. The steps are

  • Open the browser set as the default and click on the setting option.
  • Press on the general setting and select the homepage
  • Type your URL or the engine you want to use as your default
  • Press the save button that is on the bottom of the page

The most common android browsers

  1. Google chrome

This is one of the most outstanding browsers that provides a lot of highlights in searching either is a private incognito medium in searching or by using your signed account. The home page has valuable links with detailed information that most people like. One of the amazing things with the browser is that you can save your page offline and other content that you might need in the future. It is able to detect danger. You can sign in, save your password, and retrieve them at any time.

  • How to set it as your default homepage on chrome
  • Open your chrome browser and click on setting.
  • On the page, display click on manage my apps.
  • Select the apps alternative, and your installed app will appear.
  • On the three dots that appear on the upper right side scroll down and select the default
  • On the options brought, press on chrome.

You will have selected chrome as your default browser:home. Once you have done this, you can set your default home page using any of the procedure we discussed in procedure 1 or 2

  1. Opera mini

The browser opts to receive more and update highlights through a free mode. Some of the common features of it include integral ad blockers, search box updated that can use QR codes, news from various channels, zaps site advertisements, among others. If you want to go to undercover browsing, you can use the incognito mode. You can use the same procedure just like in chrome to set it as your default browser and set your default home page.

  1. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been one of the top-notch browser used by many people as their default browser for many years. It is well known for its add-on promotion in various ways. Its features password manager, text speech tool, ad block plus, among other features. It has attractive and great themes that can be used to customize the browsing experience. In order to track your browsing history and block any adverts in your system, the browser has a powerful security control. The default setting just follows the same procedure as the first two browsers we have discussed.

  1. Dolphin

The browser is not such old as the others. However, it has remained a top browsing browser. Some of its features include voice search tool, private surfing, allows adds, high tech password protection, use of bookmark web sites, among others. The browser is competitive with other browsers. It is well known by iPhone users. The setting of it is the same, just like other browsers.


What is the importance of changing the homepage?

Homepage change is good, depending on the user’s requirement of what they browse frequently. It is from this that it becomes crucial for what you configure at your homepage.

Is there any cost incurred when using the link?

There is no cost applied when using this code. It is free and is able to support many browsers. It does not occupy a large space on your android phone.

How difficult is it to use the link?

By following the procedure, we have discussed certainly, it is easy to set it. Even the procedure of deleting unnecessary data on your default browser is also easy.


There are various browsers that are available on the play store one can download and enjoy the browsing on the net. The use of content:// is a great code that you can use to change your default homepage on your preferred browser. The command enables you to set your browser homepage to look pleasing to you when browsing. The steps on setting your default homepage have been discussed. The guide of how to set content:// has been used, and it is working. Setting up your default browser has also been looking into details. There are plenty of great browser alternatives that you can download from google play store. All of them can offer you the real experience you need and security while browsing.

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