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Download 2020 FMWhatsApp APK V11.5

Over the years we have witnessed a major shakedown with the introduction of different apps that have made the world similar to a global village. One name that has been on everyone’s lips is the WhatsApp application. Whatsapp is an app that allows users to communicate regardless of region or network operator; all that you need is a mobile device and connection to the data network. Regarded as one of the most revolutionary apps of the 21st century, WhatsApp has traversed through several generations thereby having over a billion users around the globe. Over time, WhatsApp has seen several modifications that have improved Whatsapp to another level. One modification is the FMWhatsapp – what is it and what are its features?

What is FMWhatsApp

FmWhatsApp is a new mod application that has been developed by Fouad Mokdad. This Mod application is an upgrade of the common Whatsapp. Modded applications are the new boys in town; they basically involve upgrades that original apps lack. Fm WhatsApp functions like a normal Whatsapp with the major disparity being the number of WhatsApp accounts that you can run in a single mobile phone.


Different Between Whatsapp, FMWhatsapp, and GBWhatsapp

Most people wonder what the difference is between the three types of WhatsApp – Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, and GB Whatsapp. Well, the secret is simple; it’s all about the features.


It is no secret that modded applications are not available on the Google play store since they are deemed to expose users to security threats. The original WhatsApp is readily available on google play store, different devices such as Apple and Microsoft. For GBWhatsapp and FmWhatsapp apk, users are needed to download the application from their website and in case of users own apple and Microsoft devices, they are required to use third-party apps to access the applications.

Last Seen

The last seen feature is one of the most intelligent features that WhatsApp brought, but even though it helped users who always wanted to remain anonymous, it came with a price. Original WhatsApp users, who use this feature, are also denied from viewing another profile’s last seen. Pretty bogus if you ask me! For Fm and GBWhatsApp users can hide their last seen and still access other profiles last seen.

Hide the Second Tick

Though the original Whatsapp has a feature that hides the blue ticks, FM and Gb WhatsApp has taken the application a notch higher you can hide the second tick altogether, thereby convincing the sender that the message never reached you. Remember if you use this trick with the original WhatsApp it means also you won’t see whether your message was read, but for the modded apps, it won’t matter. You can view who has read your message and who hasn’t.

Features and Detail of FM WhatsApp

Anti-delete feature
Fm WhatsApp 2019 comes with an anti-delete feature that allows users to identify which messages are deleted.  You will simply locate activate Anti-Delete by Fouad Mods then tap Privacy and finally select Anti-Delete.
Supports Video Websites

In case you receive a youtube video, there won’t be any need to leave the app to access youtube. You will simply view the video in the WhatsApp page.

Maintain Security

Fm WhatsApp keeps your security first by setting up a feature that flags suspicious links; thereby safeguarding you from phishing.

1GB limit -
Unlike limits set up by normal WhatsApp, for Fm Whatsapp, you can send videos and documents of up to 1 GB. This is inclusive of sharing stories.
Longer Periods to Delete Files
The original WhatsApp allows you to delete files for everyone as long as you sent it within one hour but FM WhatsApp allows you to delete a file for everyone up to 11 hours.
  • As mentioned, Fm WhatsApp has taken your security to the next level by setting up a fingerprint/pin/pattern to hide a single chat.
  • Multiple themes are now a reality among users.
  • 90 profile images among different people. Users can have different profile photos for 90 of their friends
  • Swipe right. Instead of having to highlight a message to reply, you will just need to swipe right and from there you can reply to the message.
  • For users who tried WhatsApp plus will acknowledge that they were banned by WhatsApp for using it but with FM Whatsapp, you are totally free from being banned.

Download FMWhatsApp APK 2019

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How to use FM Whatsapp

As mentioned, modded applications are never supported by Google play store, hence users need to download the applications from their respective websites. It is noteworthy that the applications only support android versions.

Step 1: Tap on your favorite browser and on the search bar type download FM WhatsApp.

Step 2: Locate their original website to avoid downloading a virus. Once there tap on their latest version FM WhatsApp Latest Version v7.70.

Steps 3: Before installing the app to make sure that you have allowed your device to install applications from unknown sources. If you have no clue what has been set you can confirm by tapping settings then select security. Once there tap on the dialog box indicating install apps from unknown sources.

Step 4: Once the app has downloaded you can locate it on your file manager and then tap to open it, once you do that it will start the installation process. After installing you can launch it.

Step 5: Once you have launched it, you will need to tap on the dialog box indicating “agree and continue.” After tapping that box, you will be required to enter your mobile phone number and then confirm it.

Step 6: FM whatsapp functions like the regular whatsapp with the main change being that it has more options such as having a vast number of themes.

The Advantage of FM Whatsapp

  • Users have the ability to customize their interface to their preference.
  • The extra security such as finger print, pin, and pattern.
  • You can use it together with the whatsapp app.

The Disadvantage of FM Whatsapp

  • If you are conscious about privacy, then you should be worried since data might be shared with third-party apps.
  • FM Whatsapp updates after the regular WhatsApp has updated, hence your phone might be compromised before updates have occurred.

FAQ about FM Whatsapp

Q: Do I need to root my device?

A: No. FM WhatsApp works like a regular app

Q: Can you use FM Whatsapp with the regular WhatsApp?

A: yes, you can. Since FM Whatsapp has a different package name than the regular WhatsApp you can use both without any issue.

Q: Is FMWA safe?

A: Yes. Unlike the previous mods where there are privacy issues; FMWA is pretty much safe from security leaks and also you get to enjoy it without being banned.


With the advance of technology, the world has become more of a global village. Whatsapp is one of the most used apps in the globe with over a billion users. The app has endeared itself to users because of its simple nature of connecting people from every corner regardless of cellular networks or region.

Though it is considered a revolutionary app, a modified version – FMWA has been making headlines due to its nature to offer more features than the regular WhatsApp. One of the most significant advantages is that you can use it together with the regular WhatsApp without compromising on any of them.

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