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Now a modern era, everybody watches videos on youtube or other social media. When you have no internet connection, then you can’t see videos on Youtube or other social websites. Although Youtube has offline video save features, But most of the time, it does not work for all videos. So If you want to see offline videos, they should download it. We already know that youtube or other social websites can’t direct permission to download their videos offline. So if you want to download this video, then you should download tubemate 2.2.9.

What is Tubemate 2.2.9:-

Tubemate 2.2.9 is an Android software that can help you to download videos from youtube or other social websites. This video download software is too familiar with his easy navigation and faster download features. Tubemate design and development by devian Studio. It is a free android app, So you can easily download tubemate with a single click. The 2.2.9 version is unique because it’s ads-free and faster download any youtube videos. So this version can give you an extra advantage while you download video from youtube. Tubemate provides your direct video and audio download link. You can also choose the video format as your requirement. Below I share some cool features of this app.

tubemate 2.2.9

Tubemate 2.2.9 Features

Ads Free
When you download the free android app and use it, most of the time, you see annoying ads come every time while you were playing the game or using the app. Tubemate older version, including ads, but the 2.2.9 version is full ads free. So while you use the latest version, you don’t see annoying ads.
Various Video Format
This version supports up to 4k video with different video formats such as 2k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p etc. If your device does not support HD video, you can convert it while you are downloading videos. It supports max 60fps and 4k videos. It also supports popular video formats such as mobile 3GP, MP4, etc.
Audio Download
Now you can download audio from the youtube video. If you like video sound, you can convert it using a tubemate. You can convert it while you are downloading, audio format is ACC, MP3/ 128Kbps. The Acc version is better than mp3. So I suggest you download the Acc format.
Speed Optimization
This version has no download speed problem. Because the developer optimizes download speed, that tubemate can get maximum speed when you are downloading videos. If you use 2G internet, you can get up to 400kbps speed, and the 3G user can get up to 15 Mbps speed.
Including lots of sites
The previous version supports few social websites, but the 2.2.9 version support lots of websites. So now, you can easily download videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, vuclip, Metacafe, Youku, Facebook, twitter, vk, and other popular websites.
Battery Optimize
It is one of the most common questions while we do use any app. When we download some files from the internet, our smartphone battery is draining fast. The previous version of the tubemate drain battery fast, but the latest version saves up to 20% battery.
Easy Navigation
The latest version of the tubemate you see a unique user interface. A new android user can easily understand this app.  So anyone can understand which way they download and save videos. This version support resume features, so if your connection is lost, then you never lose it. You can also download multiple videos from the playlist. It supports 45 languages, and you can save videos SD cards and internal memory with a single click. The user can bookmark their favorite website to download videos from those sites.

Download Tubemate 2.2.9

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Installation Guide

It is one of the most important while you download tubemate, but you don’t know how to install it. If you do not download it, you should download it. When the download is finished, then you find it. Now follow step by step guide;

  1. If you download it using your pc or laptop, you should transfer it to your smartphone.
  2. When transfer it has done, now open this apk file.
  3. If you see a warning message, then you should do simple work, Go to your device setting and developer option. Now give a tick on Unknown Source. Then came back and opened it again.
  4. Press install, and next, when the tubemate installation process is finished, then you see a message.
  5. Now you see an icon on your device home screen.
  6. Open this app and enjoy tubemate.

What’s New in Tubemate 2.2.9

  • Fix Acute crash in tubemate 2.2.9 version.
  • Fixed Dailymotion and Vimeo issue.
  • Optimize download speed and battery life.
  • Optimize UI and UX.
  • Download multiple videos from the video playlist.
  • Fix youtube web view.
  • Add five new languages.
  • Fixed search problems.
  • Launcher icon support to 2k devices.

Tubemate 2.2.9 Require Permission 

  • network socket, location.

FAQ About Tubemate

Is tubemate is legal?

Yes, it is legal, and it is not a cracking or hacking app. But google play block this app, due to it is tubemate break google play roles. Because Google never allows downloading videos from Youtube.

Can I convert Video to Audio using tubemate?

Yes, you can do it. While you download videos from youtube or other websites, you just need to choose format if you prefer audio then tubemate download audio.

This is all about the latest version of this app. We always share malware and ads-free apk file. We don’t reserve any copyright about tubemate—all copyright reserved by tubemate developer. If you get any missing or wrong information or downloading the problem, then please contact us. We will fix this problem.

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