Netflix Error M7111-1931-404

Top 5 Methods of How to Fix Netflix Error M7111-1931-404

Netflix is one of the most famous online movies and TV show streaming service around the globe. It hosts hundreds of thousands of films and episodes to give you ultimate fun. The best part is, everyone can get online entertainment using different devices. For instance, on your smartphone, computer, smart TV, and so much more.

However, you may have seen a pesky hitch that upsets most Netflix users. Ideally, this glitch is Error M7111-1931-404. Sadly, it pops up while you enjoy your Netflix film hence causing interruptions. But, this error can get fixed technically. So, if you don’t know how to fix it, this article suits you. Because we have done our research and tested out the best five ways of doing so.

Meanwhile, there are some things you need to know before fixing the error. Let’s have a quick look at them.

What is Netflix Error M7111-1931-404?

Possibly, some of us have no idea about this type of Netflix error is all about. In simple terms, M7111-1931-404 is a technical error code. It notifies you t there are some network connectivity issues. Typically, some users say, ‘Netflix is down’.

What is Netflix Error M7111-1931-404

What causes Netflix Error M7111-1931-404?

Yes, this is a common question most of us ask when such an error code pops up on our screen. There are several reasons why this error occurs while streaming on PCs, TV, or mobile gadgets. Such reasons include:

  1. VeeHD browser extension

Most Netflix users download and instal this plugin in their browsers with one reason, which is, to enjoy online entertainment films and movies in High Definition (HD). Interestingly, it enhances both visibility of images and clarity of sounds. Unfortunately, it may with your Netflix streaming session, causing the M7111-1931-404.

  1. AdBlock Plugin

Nothing is annoying than getting interferences from tons of advertisements most websites have. In other words, they affect the real online experience for most users. Therefore, many individuals tend to invest in AdBlock plugins to block such ads. As they enhance a swift streaming experience, they may cause Netflix Error M7111-1931-404.

  • Corrupted Netflix side-loaded extension

Most people now use their smartphones, and smart TVs get better Netflix streaming. Thanks to the dedicated Netflix apps. However, some users wish to obtain such experience on their browser. Therefore, they download a tailor-designed Netflix mini-program to become part of their browser. They enhance efficiency in streaming content. But, the chances for causing the error increases as long as they are in action.

  1. Netflix servers are down

Basically, Netflix features tons of servers across the globe. That’s why it gives better access to its vast collection of multimedia entertainment. Moreover, they offer a unique infrastructure. As a result, it ensures movie films or TV shows stream with ultimate smoothness. Sadly, it may get overloaded and overwhelmed by their user’s requests. Certainly, the Error M7111-1931-404 will appear on your screen, causing a cut-out.

How do we fix Netflix Error M7111-1931-404?

Fixing this error is pretty simple, and you don’t need to have any experience or skills. So, we have identified the top 5 methods you can apply your favorite one to fix the M7111-1931-404 error.

  1. Clear Netflix Cookies

Netflix programs intelligently save website cookies like how browsers do. This allows you to resume your favorite movies or shows faster in case of any interference. Besides that, they track your browsing records. Therefore, it gives you suggestions while you scroll through the context menu.

In the long run, these cookies can fill up your Netflix app cache. As a result, the Netflix Error M7111-1931-404 occurs. To get rid of this issue, you have to clear all the Netflix cookies using the following steps:

  • Log into your Netflix account using your preferred web browser.
  • Search for clear cookies in the browser with the search/address bar
  • The Netflix cookies on the website will get cleared automatically.
  • Enter your Netflix login credentials again
  • Activate streaming and continue to enjoy an error-free entertainment

Do you have the Netflix app installed on an android smartphone device? Then, you can use the following steps to clear out the app cookies.

  • Toggle through the installed Netflix app
  • Tap and hold on the app icon
  • This brings up two major options; app info and uninstall
  • Next, tap on the app info to open up the next page
  • Click on data then clear cache option to clear all the cookies

Here, all app cookies and corrupt data that could be the chief cause for M7111-1931-404 gets wiped.

  1. Disable the AdBlock Plugin

AdBlock plugins give the best solution to stop the annoying adverts on some websites. But, they may cause interference to your connectivity resulting in the M7111-1931-404 error. Therefore, you can fix the problem as follows.

  • Go to your Google chrome browser
  • In the address bar, type in chrome://extensions/ to check for the active extensions
  • Next, scroll downwards to look for the Adblock plugin extension
  • Switch the on button to off to deactivate the Adblock
  • Refresh your Google chrome web browser to resume the Netflix streaming
  1. Get rid of the VeeHD browser extension

Have you VeeHD extension installed in your browser? If yes, there are high chances for the occurrence of the Netflix Error M7111-1931-404. To end it, find the steps below;

  • Go to your web browser icon and start it up
  • For those using Google Chrome, see the extension icon on the top right. Or type chrome://extensions/ in the search bar to get directed
  • Scroll down the page to get the VeeHD extension and click on to the remove option
  • A pop-up prompt will come out asking you to if you still want to remove it and click on remove again
  • Restart or refresh the browser and try to stream on Netflix to confirm if there are any issues

Similarly, you can fix the Netflix Error M7111-1931-404 by updating your Google chrome. This often happens if you are using an outdated web browser, which makes it cause the error. So, it would be crucial to update your browser through the following ways.

  • Startup your browser and click on the menu option found in the top right corner.
  • Next, click on the help function and select the option for About Google Chrome.
  • The outdated version will appear. Plus, the available chrome updates which will get installed automatically.
  • After that, click on Re-launch to finish up the update process.
  • Try to stream on Netflix to check if the error still occurs or not.

This method can give you another easy way to get rid of the Netflix Error M7111-1931-404.

  1. Remove the side-loaded extension

The installed Netflix mini-program plays a vital role in enhancing the online streaming. In turn, it may result in this disturbing error. But, the following steps will help you remove the side-loaded extension.

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser
  • Key in the chrome://extensions/ in the search bar and click enter
  • Navigate through the active extensions to find Netflix side-loaded extension
  • After that, select the Remove button and confirm by tapping on it again

In this method, the Netflix side-loaded extension will get removed. Thus, you can continue having a non-distracted Netflix streaming entertainment.

  1. Restart your Home Network

Sometimes, the problem may be due to slow or disconnection of the network on your side. The easiest way to fix the Netflix Error M7111-1931-404 is by restarting your network. And the steps to follow include;

  • Switch off the main power outlet and disconnect your network gadget. Plus, detach the plug of the network router and the modem.
  • Wait for about 1 or 2 minutes then switch on the main power. After that, plug in the modem.
  • Next, wait for the blinking lights on the modem to stop. Then, connect your router and wait for the lights to become stable.
  • Now connect your stream device and try out if the problem is over.

If all the methods above don’t work, you will need to check for the Netflix server status. The reason is, Netflix has plenty of servers around the world which serves millions of users. Therefore, they may get overworked or overloaded. Hence, it results in the Netflix M7111-1931-404 error to pop-up repeatedly.

So, how do you check the condition of Netflix servers? It’s simple! On your browser, visit the page to view their server’s status. In case you learn that the servers are down, then, you will have to chill. Possibly do other tasks or go for an outdoor walk as you wait for the issue to get settled. After that, you will continue enjoying your impressive Netflix online stream.

Final Words

The Error M7111-1931-404 comes as one of the very few glitches affecting Netflix. It may distract your viewing experience and leave you upset. In case this happens, you don’t have to look for a technical expert to check for the issue and fix it.

So, you can try any of our above top 5 methods on how to fix Netflix Error M7111-1931-404. The best part is, you don’t need to have any skills or experience or spend money to apply. In fact, they are clear, easy, and simple to follow. We hope you’ve learnt a lot about this common error and now you can fix it conveniently.

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