Gta San Andreas Apk Data Highly Compressed

Grand theft auto is a great game. Especially when it got released on Android, it got even popular However, we are going to talk about GTA San Andreas APK highly compressed and how you can download it.

We are going to explain how you can download the highly compressed APK and what main features of GTA San Andreas are there.

GTA San Andreas Gameplay and Features (Highly Compressed)


After the success of GTA Vice City, the company launched San Andreas portraying hood violence and gangs. The main focus is on Carl Johnson. After returning to the home Los Santos after 5 years, he gets to know that things are a lot more different than before.

Everything has changed. Hence, Carl sets to the mission to take make that influence back. Getting into this crazy ride, he has a lot to experience. The game has a ton of cinematic effects and cut scenes. With a handful of missions and various missions, this open-world game is one of the best to ever arrive on the planet.

Gta San Andreas Highly Compressed

In 2015, the game was launched for Android and iOS. However, it’s still not available for the windows phone. What’s more interesting is the fact that the Android version still somehow manages to retain the original quality and experience of the game.

Back to the story. Carl becomes criminal as the officers behind him were a lot of corrupt. They just wanted him out of the way. For that purpose, Carl had to take a lot of broken promises and non-loyal people cheating on him.

However, he still didn’t lose hope. With enough dedication and will to prevail, he too the world by storm.

Now for the requirements. Your device should have this kind of specifications in order to run.

  • 2GB RAM at least
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB Internal Storage
  • Android 4.2 and up


At first glance, the touch controls would get a lot of time to get used to especially when you’re coming from the PC version. There are a variety of touch controls such as the Analog, flick controls, or even on-screen buttons to choose from.

You have the option to choose any of them. However, at first, it will seem a little weird getting used to.

The left side of the screen is for movement and the right side is dedicated to all the action buttons. You can control the screen from any side you want as there is to mouse to play with, you will have to set the angle using the touch screen.

Bluetooth controllers and wired controllers will also work great too. Moreover, if you are feeling that your device is lagging and not running well at all, you can turn the graphics down as there are options to change the graphics settings too.

If you turn off the frame limited, you will definitely see a huge boost in performance if your device is powerful enough to handle the game that is.

GTA San Andreas mobile

Why you should download the compressed version?

There are a lot of reasons to download the compressed version of the game. Basically, the compressed version of the game contains the same game but the size of that game will be a lot less. Imagine downloading the game with half of your internet connection being used.

GTA San Andreas Apk compressed can help you to download the whole game but a lot less in size. Moreover, if you are going to low MBs data, you can expect it to take a lot less size too. Considering all these plus points of San Andreas apk compressed, it’s highly recommended to download and install the compressed version.

How to download San Andreas Apk Data Highly Compressed

You will have to choose a website to download and install the APK and Data for that manually. As it’s not allowed on the play store, you will have to download it from Google. We will link some files below so you can download and install the apk and data from there.

After downloading the file, you have to follow the steps to install San Andreas apk highly compressed on your device.

How to install it?

The installation process is rather simple. Just download these required files and you should also download and extraction software like Winrar or RAR on Play store. You will have to extract the zip file that you’ve downloaded.

  • Extract the ZIP file
  • You will see APK and Data (OBB FILE).
  • Just copy the file that starts with ‘.com’ extension to Android > OBB and paste it there.
  • After that, just install the APK file and you’re good to go.

You’ve successfully downloaded and installed the GTA SAN Andreas apk highly compressed.


While the game itself is really cool on android. There is a lot of thrill and excitement you get with this one. Full-featured pack game with some of the most convenient play area on the screen, this game is no slouch.

Just make sure to follow our steps for downloading and installing the apk and data successfully. If you have further questions, feel free to ask us.

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