How to Find Out Who Called Me

How to Find Out Who Called Me [Top 5 Effective Method]

You probably have received an unknown call many times, right? And, before picking it up, you wonder who is calling you and for what reason. An unknown number may be a private number, a name you blocked, or one that does not have a caller ID. Most people opt not to pick up strange random numbers.

But, some would pick up because of curiosity, or they can’t ignore a call. As a result, one tries to find out who called using different means available. Why? The reason is, you may never know what the caller was up to. It may be a call you expect or your doctor, a call from your child’s school, or a company. Thus, it would be best to try as much as you can always to find who called you.

You must be wondering if that is even possible. Don’t worry! Because this article has discovered the simplest ways of how to find out who called you on your phone.

  1. Use the Search Engines

A good example and most common yet reliable online search engine are Google. It hosts thousands of search sites for you to decide on the one that will work out best for you. The best part is, the most popular search sites and apps will always come atop the results.

Use the Search Engines

Most importantly, you need to understand that some sites offer this service for free. But, others do charge a certain fee before you can use access to their services. Another thing is that the results of online search engines may never be the same. Therefore, you may want to use a variety of them for better results.

  1. Mobile Apps

Thankfully, tons of apps that can help you find out who called or is calling you. They offer a more simplified and quicker way of getting your results. Moreover, most of these apps allow you to download and install on your android phone or iPhone. As a result, you can always know who is calling. And even know the exact location where the call is coming from. However, not all of the apps can do so. The following apps can be a big deal for you in such instances.

2.a) CallApp

With over 3 billion mobile and business numbers, this app makes it effortless for you to know who called you. Thanks to colossal data, its system has. Moreover, it features vital tools like the Universal Caller ID and communication ID. Also, it has a social contact book and a smart spam filter. Within the second of the call, which makes it more efficient and reliable. Thus, finding who called you will be a breeze.

2.b) TrueCaller

TrueCaller app

Truecaller is also another helpful yet most popular app you can install on your phone for free. The biggest advantage with TrueCaller is, it tells you who is calling even before you pick up the phone. Furthermore, it crowd-sources different caller IDs and tons of phone numbers with ease. As a result, it performs meaningful comparisons on phone numbers and the names of users. Its ability to let you block calls makes it a big plus to use.

2.c) Whoscall

This free mobile application lets you filter unwanted calls and spot essential calls. In other words, when you get any call, the app immediately enables you to know who is calling. Plus, you can decide the need to return the call once the search is complete. As a result, no more guesswork.

Besides that, it gives you full control of knowing whom you speak to. It does so by availing over one billion numbers in its database across the world. In case you get annoying calls, this app blocks them all with ease.

2.d) Eyecon

Unlike other call management apps, Eyecon stands out as the best app since it adds a face to a number. This is to say; it creates a photo-based address book upon installation. So, whenever someone calls you, their picture pops on your screen, and hence you will know who is calling you. However, it may be hard to identify persons whose images don’t exist online.

2.e) NumberGuru

NumberGuru lets you search the owner of a telephone number by keying it in the app. It is available as a phone application or website. The app gets its information through telemarketing callers and toll- free. Interestingly, it shows the name, location, type of device the person used to call you. Also, you will know if the number has been in use in the past through the displayed results.

  1. Social Media

Facebook is one social media site you can quickly identify an unknown caller from. Today, millions of people use Facebook to communicate with other friends. Thus, if someone calls you with an unknown number, and he/she uses Facebook, you will quickly know who it is.

Plus, you will get their Facebook username and even see their picture if they have uploaded one. After that, you can view the profile and identify if you know the caller or not. Besides Facebook, LinkedIn also enables you to search for owners of unknown numbers, especially if they are professionals in a specific field.

  1. Reverse Phone Lookup

Some websites allow you to do phone numbers lookups in a short period. Sites like NumberGuru, as earlier mentioned, is one of them. Some of these websites charge a certain fee for phone number lookups for cell phone numbers. But, few sites charge a fee because they put the privacy of their users into consideration. Some of the areas of the websites listed below:

4.a) National Cellular Directory

Here, you must create an account with the National Cellular Directory as such will help you look up unknown phone numbers. The biggest pro is, this website comes with a “happy hour” each day where you get two free searches at no cost. Therefore, you can take advantage of the provided free searches and lookup who called you.


Intelius is the leading provider of public data and their connection to others. In fact, it gives you results showing the background information of the search number. When you register, you need to pay a certain membership fee. Other than that, there is a single phone number search fee, 1- month membership fee, a 3-month, and a 6-month.


A significant fraction of the world’s population uses This is due to the vast range of data it has. The biggest plus is, it does fraud screening and reverses phone number lookups. Plus, it helps in the verification of business identities and background checks. Usually, the data originates from public records, property deeds, and telecom companies. Most importantly, it keeps your privacy safe. It does so through a unique feature where you can change and update your information.

4.d) is a free website that is almost similar to white pages. It contains both white pages and yellow pages. To clarify, the white pages involve data on a person. They include personal phone numbers, names, and locations. Whereas, the yellow pages are business listings such as company names. Also, it includes what they do and their exact location. So, when you search for an unknown phone number, you will get the name, email address, and location.

4.e) collects personal data from both online and offline sources. Besides, it is legal and free to use. Thus, you will not pay any fee for reverse phone number lookups. It is pretty unique from other platforms as it goes the extra mile to give you a vast range of data. In other words, you can get details on a person’s income, credit status, marital status, and religion. Also, it shows a satellite image of the person’s house and some family members’ names.

4.f) Kiwi Searches

This website gives you details like how a detective would get information. It provides background checks like name, age, and other phone numbers of the user. Besides that, you can get a court, and traffic records, property, licenses, and others.

  1. Spam Call Websites

Here, you can check whether the unknown phone number is a spam or not. In short, you will get to know if the phone number is unsafe or if it belongs to people with malicious intentions.

Always Be Safe

There are many reasons why you might receive an unknown phone call. Often, a scammer or a fraudster wants to defraud, harass, or give you false information. Therefore, they tend to hide their true identity. However, not all unknown calls have bad intentions. So, it’s always advisable to take the step of checking who called you. And, if possible, call them back if it was a vital issue, and they did not leave a voicemail.

Finally, all of the above apps and search engines will help you find out who called you with ease and free of charge. Also, they can provide other handy data about the caller. Consider getting apps and websites that do not give you little data.

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