Free Download Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

Free Download Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

What price you can pay for your life? Is it really worth living? All these questions answer you will get in one game, named last day on earth. It is a zombie survival game where all the lives survive until death. The main goal of all survival is to stay alive as long as they can. In this apocalyptic world, there is no place left for friendship, love, and compassion, where you can trust only yourself and your gun.

Last Day on Earth Mod Game Instructions:

  • Build a strong survival protector to save your life and belongings from walking dead attacks and other unwanted survivors.
  • Craft and place trap to take captives and make them regret stealing from you.
  • Improve your skills and techniques. Create even more deadly weapons against zombie walkers and other players in the game, So that you can just hit their head as you aim!
  • You will find lots of useful material or essential tools to make your personal survival vehicle.
  • Violent wild animals, intense hunger, thirst and cold can kill you faster than the zombie army. To live in these situations, hunt the animals.
  • Prepare food on a campfire and collect water with rain catcher. Another way to survive is to kill other players to get supplies for yourself.
  • Prepare yourself as you will not die today but someone else can. Create more capacity, more opportunities, and more potential for survival.
  • Claim territories with your clan and let others work for you.
  • Hardly search for abandoned military bunkers and survival bases to find the most valuable resources.
  • Craft survival vehicles as well as travel to the ruins of the abandoned city. You can travel to remote areas if you wish and build a shelter for yourself wherever you want.
  • You have to be mentally stable all the time. Otherwise, survival can become harder and harder for you, whose ultimate result is death!

Last Day on Earth Short Story:

The outbreak of an unknown zombie infection in 2027 eliminates most of the world’s population. Life was moving away from humans but the epidemic was turning them into insatiable walking dead people. Be alone or team up with friends – you are the one to make your way in a chaotic world. Use any ways to survive.

Last Day on Earth Short Story

In the real zombie apocalypse world, every decision you make is important, every mistake you make can be fatal. If you fail, you have to start all over again. Nature will try to finish you as fast as a zombie or any other player. Be careful when choosing friends. Today your partner has saved you from terrible death and tomorrow they can shoot you in the back without any hesitations.

Features of Mod:

Duplication of items, free craft without items, free construction without required any items, no building requirements, absolutely free update without the necessary elements, Infinite weapon strength or armor strength, uncountable limited skills to increase, energy is not wasted when walking, quick map travel, max durability, free crafting, infinite blueprints inside the bunker alpha, infinite bike patterns inside the gas station, resources, magic split from1 to 20, no need special skills, all doors are opened, get free identity cards inside the police station & much more. No need to use gold coins or points to buy anything. You can buy unlimited power! No materials are needed to create, upgrade or manufacture products.  Items with 0 market order cannot be purchased, so you may better to avoid those items.

Latest Mod:

Season 4 has been started, new Christmas location Nick Santy’s House, contest on decorating Christmas tree/ ornament/ recycles and refine, camera in Nick Santy’s house, 3 season event locations, holiday zombies, new skins for chopper and celebrate the holidays with our limited-time offers!

How to setup Last Day on Earth Mod on your smartphone?

Who wants to survive in the zombie area may follow the instructions below. Steps are easy to understand so you can easily handle it.

  1. Uninstall the existing Play Store version of the game on your device first. Otherwise, the game will fail to install.
  2. Download now. In addition to the APK file, you also need to have an OBB compressed file on the PC.
  3. Use the file manager to access the folder you saved. Now open the APK file and install it as usual.
  4. Can you see the game icon in the app drawing? But you won’t open it right now.
  5. Now what you do is to unpack the OBB file and get a data directory. Don’t think twice, just extract it into Android / OBB. Wait a couple of seconds.
  6. After completing the process, you can open the game and enjoy it with full excitement.

How to Play?

Starting with nothing, you need to collect a few remaining items and materials scattered all over the place and begin the journey to avoid attacks from bloody zombies. With some branches or stones, you should use these as a defensive weapon, used to cut down trees and create a secure base for yourself. The character of the last day’s game on earth also needs to be eaten, so you have to collect food.

Controlling your levels of hunger and thirst is going to be one of the primary concerns in this game. Both of these are very rare if you can get your health down to 0 fast. So to help satisfy your hunger and thirst, try drinking different types of food as well as drinking water and conserving as much water as you can to restore your thirst levels directly. The more water you save, the stronger your chances of fighting survival will be increased.

Last Day on Earth mobile version

On the other hand, crafting is essential to surviving the disaster and will enable you to create a variety of useful items. Everything from pickaxes and cooking equipment to protective structures and your own home. If you want to protect yourself from other players and incoming crowds, you need to collect all the content. But some on some material, you cannot craft while gaming.

Such as; horse saddle, kevlar helmet/ body armor/ pants/ boots, mortar, metal pipe, assault helmet/ armor/ pants/ boots, ATV transmission, C-4 explosive, hand pump, repair station, clan banner, explosive material, zombie truck, chemistry station, land mine, s & w magnum, MI24, electronics laboratory, Dragunov and metal cutter.

How to survive?

The Last Days on Earth is a game where tensions and fears abound among zombies everywhere. They bring a little excitement and always want to eat to survive. Now, only safe and secure shelters can help you survive the game.

If you die in a continuous survival battle, there have no chance to play from the end. You will have to start again with a zero score. Therefore, it is very important to make every decision carefully. Collect more powerful weapons for your self-defense. These weapons will help you to defend yourself if you are suddenly attacked by a bulk zombie.

The only way to survive in the game is to become stronger through level-ups. Each time you can collect, build and destroy, you gain experience points until you finish the game. A higher level will allow players to unlock more advanced items as well as new features.

Play with friends:

Create a group with your friends and try to survive! Experience your perfect independence as you build your foundation! Research new technologies and update your guns until you can create a protective cover for resources to build your bases in absolute freedom mode and travel to different parts of the world using different items and collect sources for yourself and attack other players. Live and abode and the most beautiful android Action games gain more experience in one!

Beautiful Graphics:

The Last Days on Earth is not an exciting survival game but it has very nice graphics. The game has easy-to-see, 3D graphics with real-time visual design, including 3D view. The small details of the game were taken care of here as the item system was extremely rich.

When you look at the top right of the screen, you can see that there is a radar that allows you to detect the zombies coming towards you. There are navigation keys and action buttons on the bottom, such as attacks, pickups, open or hide bags.

More about the game:

Various tools, offensive zombies, dangerous zones and more await you, so you can enjoy the game until the end. Invincible and can easily neutralize your enemies and zombies. Yesterday, 7 innovations for the current version sector for the survival of the world, HK 416 guns, and Halloween events await you. Advanced graphics are good in 3D and sound quality. Controls can be provided with two fingers. More than 3,4million downloads were made on the Play Store on the last day of Earth Survival. So you can guess how popular the game is!


There is really a lot of things to say about the last day on earth apk where you have to survive but for a limited time. We can’t tell you everything to increase your suspense. Better to makes your experience more enjoyable while experiencing features that are not mentioned in the article. If you are a mystery lover, trying to face zombies everywhere, the game of Last Days on Earth will definitely be interesting for you. The game is free to play and currently supports both iOS, Android and Facebook.

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