MSI Afterburner 

Download MSI Afterburner v4.6.4 for Windows 7,8,10

MSI Afterburner is the world’s leading graphics card overclocking software that lets the operators display, troubleshoot, and twist a few GPU settings. With this free software, you also get in-depth info about your GPU computer hardware, and it works brilliantly with all GPU makes.

Features of MSI Afterburner 

  • Overstocking

Exceeding the limit of your graphic card cannot give you a headache anymore with MSI afterburner. This tool offers you easy and simple work to access your graphic card settings.

Using this feature, you can able to modify a plethora of your GPU settings like power limit, memory power clock speed, core voltage, and fever limit.


Using the OS scanner tool permits you to scan the GPU model then find optimized and strong overstocking. Overstocking GPU can control the FAN speed according to performance and fever. Msi also allows you to customize customers’ profiles for every game. The display will show the real statistic of your device. So download the Msi afterburner today.

  • Hardware Monitor

Here is another excellent feature that displays the critical hardware information on the time. Using this device it helps you to keep an eye on the playing game. You can still keep the GPU fever, core, usage percentage, and FPS. When it shows statistics, it does not decrease performance. Again you can use graph series with on the On-screen display. You can do two things at a time, monitor your real-time, and keep a close eye on the statistic.

  • Compatibility

It’s compatible with a wide range of the GPU included chipset manufacture such as NVIDIA, AMD, and many others. You can also download free thus, why is a leading graphic utility.

  • Custom user skins

If you get this one, you will say goodbye to any annoying program that offers MSI afterburner. It permits users to choose the look and the one they love the best. It comes complete with a wide selection of different skin dramatically. Changing the skin you need to choose from the menu setting. You can even go ahead to download your custom skin online.

  • Custom Fan Profiles

As we as a whole know, adequate warmth scattering is a basic factor for ideal illustrations card execution. Luckily, the MSI Afterburner permits clients the capacity to completely redo a predefined fan speed bend, making it workable for you to handily decide cooling execution and route.

  • Kombustor Benchmarking

In light of the notable Furmark programming, Kombustor is a selective consumer in benchmarking devices. This program is exceptionally intended to stretch your designs card as far as possible while testing in general solidness and warm execution. Kombustor bolsters the most recent DirectX forms, just as OpenGL.

  • Stress Testing Utility

At the point when you are overclocking a GPU, you additionally need to pressure test is usually to check the exhibition, and MSI Afterburner accompanies a benchmarking instrument to assist you with that. MSI Kombustor helps in deciding the warm presentation and solidness of your GPU and permits you to follow the impact of the progressions that you made in the GPU settings.

How to Download and Install MSI Afterburner

Downloading MSI afterburner does not require skills. It is simple and easy to take a lot of time. If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry. Following our instruction, you will able to understand and do it on your own. Here are steps you need to follow to download:

  • Visit the MSI Afterburner Website, or only just search on google for it.
  • From the google page, get the official link for the Afterburner and go to that site.
  • Roll down to the bottom of the page and click “Download” under the MSI Afterburner choice. It rests on you; you can also download the telephone app to regulator the value while singing the game.
  • When the download finishes, you essential to unzip the file called
  • The run the exe file from the file and track the on-screen fitting steps. Please note that if the installer reminders to download Kombustor, answer it in favor and install that too.


  • Free of charge
  • It supports user profile
  • It lowers the system requirement
  • User-friendly interfere
  • Its compact size of the program


  • Not all of the models can be configured using the software.

How To Use MSI Afterburner On Windows 10 To Overclock The GPU

  • You need to download the latest version of the MSI afterburner to windows 10.
  • You can extract the zip file and get the setup file inside.
  • Once you install open the Afterburner from the desk icon. You need to wait few seconds to detect the PC hardware.
  • After doing all that, you will see the PC specification and performance stats on the software.
  • On your screen, you will see various options to select from like core clock, fan speed, memory clock, and many more.
  • If you do not have a clue on the overclock GPU, you can apply available preset.


  1. Is It Safe To Overclock With MSI Afterburner?

Yes, It is safe to overlock GPU until you know how to overclock in a proper very. The tough push can harm your hardware. So be careful before overclocking GPU.

  1. How To Overclock GPU With MSI Afterburner?

Open the application, and you will see different clock alternatives to increment or decline—for example, center clock, memory clock, and fan speed, and so on. Increment the center clock and memory clock alongside FAN speed to overclock the GPU. Watch the underneath video, which shows the ideal approach to overclock GPU utilizing MSI Afterburner.

  1. Is MSI Afterburn free?

Yes, it’s free software. You can use to download

  1. Is MSI Afterburn safe?

Yes, you can install window ten and is safe.


If you are looking for the MSI Afterburner, it’s the best GPU overclocking device for PC. If you want to increase your FPS, then use this instrument. Its overlap is very excellent. You can adapt all by using it. There are lots of structures the software comprises, which we have shared above. If you are exceeding the limits of your GPU, Then don’t worry, just capitalize on your GPU presentation by using MSI Afterburner app.


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