Best Programming Language for the Newbie

Best Programming Language for the Newbie

There are different programming languages that one can learn. However, most people ask, which is the best programming language that a newbie can learn? Beginners learning programing language can be a daunting job. Getting the right programming language that suits your job is also another tough task. When you are sure of the idea, you want to know learning becomes comfortable. There are numerous programming languages for both web improvements and phone applications that are ideal for newbies. This article has outlined the best top 5 programming languages that beginners can learn.

What is the programing language?

Before we discuss the programming languages, its good do understand what programming languages are. Programming languages are those computer instructions that allow it to function. It is a language that the computer recognizes. Like human beings, programmers have come up with several programming languages that can help them interact with their computers. ‘Binary’ is one part of the language that computers understand. The purpose of the language is to ensure that the computer processes large and complex data efficiently and in a short period. For example, when there is a randomized number, you can use the language to arrange the numbers in an ascending order or groups as prescribed.

What is needed for a programming language?

Extreme accuracy is what is required in the programming field. A slight mistake made can make the coding useless. To succeed in your programming language, you need to be committed and disciplined with the language you are learning. As a beginner, you need to pay attention to every detail in the programing language you are learning. If this is not taken care of, you will waste your time in your learning.

Top 5 Easy Programming Languages for Beginners

  1. Python

Python is preferred to be the easiest and best programming language that is ideal for all newbies. Guido Van Rossum developed the program in the 1980s. It has a simple and readable code where programmers can express their ideas in a few coding lines. The program is open source, and free language with various adjustable, procedural, powerful, and object-oriented working style. Python is used in internet and web development, desktop GUIs, Numeric and scientific applications, business applications among other sectors.



  • It supports many systems and platforms
  • It is an object-oriented programing driven
  • Able to scale even complex applications easily


  • It is not ideal for mobile computing.
  1. Java

James Gosling developed Java in the 1990s at Sun Microsystems. Java is a sturdy programing language that is necessary for building different software and apps like games, desktop applications, and android applications. Java has been there for an extended period, and it has a java community where all questions concerning the program are dealt with. The language is based on object-oriented and class-based programing language that is an easily portable and cross-platform app.

The syntax in Java is based on C++, or C. Java allows the learners to think like programmers and know how the computer process data. Java provides the learning foundation for coding career. One of the vital Java-based frames that are used by big enterprises like YAHOO is Hadoop. Java is used in the building of android applications. It has a great team of editors and toolsets that can resolve any error that might befall.


  • It is an object-oriented language
  • It has a powerful open-source with a rapid development tool.


  • It has a quite expensive memory management
  1. JavaScript

Initially, JavaScript was known as LiveScript. Netscape designed it. JavaScript is different from Java in that it is a scripting language, while Java is a programming language. The language has been in high demand for a long period now. The program is easy to learn more, especially to beginners.  It operates on a single platform on the web, and there is no need for installation. It is ideal for those who want to build something on the internet. It makes a date and time printing, scroll ability, creating a calendar, and other tasks that aren’t easy when using HTML.

The language is flexible and dynamic in using object-oriented programing. It is useful when one wants to learn complex programming languages such as C++ quickly. JavaScript is the sincerest and most vital programming language that is ideal for beginners. The program can be used in web development, game development, desktop development, mobile apps development, among other areas.


  • Easy to learn on the web browsers
  • It is easy to learn
  • Works efficiently with other programming languages in developing various apps


  • Multiple inheritances are not possible with the language
  1. C and C++

C and C++ programming languages are the major languages that have been around in a long period. It was developed in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup. C has been a famous general function programming language that has led to the advancement of various programming languages like C++. It is the primary and most essential language in the fields of computer science. It makes your programming basics easy when learning.

C and C++ provide object-oriented programming and is made to take things to another step ahead. It is the essential programing language that is easy to learn even with the newbie. With the programming language, you are assured of how things work in computer science.  C and C++ have been used in various software, mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, and operating systems.


  • Some programming languages like Java, C use C++ as their syntax, and therefore it is known by many.
  • It is a clean language because it does not have any garbage in the background when working.


  • The object-oriented system in it is unnecessary basic as compared to other programming languages.
  1. Ruby

Ruby programing language was developed in the 1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto.  Ruby is a general-purpose and dynamic scripting language that was purposively developed for mobile apps and web apps. The main focus of ruby is on web apps, and it is the one that is used by great websites like Twitter, GitHub, and Groupon. Learning the language is very easy because it is a straight forward language that beginners can learn.

The program was majorly used in 3D modeling, simulations, and information control and track. One of Ruby’s major good things is that it has provided a 20 min guide on their website to help newbie on how it works. It features an imperative, functional, and object-oriented multiple programing. It does not have tons of commands or jargon that can make it challenging to learn. Ruby rails are essential in web creation apps, create a web blog, networking, among others.


  • It is simple and readable
  • It is fully integrated
  • It is easy to run even by beginners


  • The object-oriented system is not such useful like in other programming languages.


As a beginner, it might be challenging to know which programming languages are ideal for you. There are several languages out there when it comes to programming. The article has discussed the original and most fundamental programming languages that are perfect for beginners. The languages we have considered are not only easy for beginners but also necessary for programming. It’s good to keep an eye on each of them and begun to learn your computer science.

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