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Snaptube Apk Download 2020 – Best App to Download Video and MP3

One time or the other, you may want to download music or video. And thanks to apps like snaptube, Tubemate,  vidmate, videorder downloading becomes more comfortable, faster, and safer. Snaptube is an application for download videos from youtube and video sites on the web. Using Snaptube is quite straightforward, and many users will have no problems whatsoever.

What is Snaptube?

Snaptube is an app that lets you download songs or videos hosted on YouTube in a matter of seconds. It is one of the best apps available commercially and for free nowadays for the Android operating system. The app is simple to use, engaging, ad-free, and safe. The download speed on snaptube is spectacular. The interface in snaptube is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. These are the essential qualities for any app which can boast of downloading free videos and movies from famous sites like YouTube and other more niche sites like Vine, Tumblr, and even Metacafe.

Snaptube app download

On the main page of snaptube, you get all popular videos in your area; after you search for a specific video, you will get a download button with many resolution options, including downloading MP3 songs. You can choose the quality of the download to save space on your phone’s memory. You can also choose to download only the audio, which is useful when you just want to save a song or an album.

Features of Snaptube:

  • SnapTube is extremely simple to use. Once you’ve installed it, you just have to search for a video, press download, and choose the audio and video quality that you want. Once it’s done, you can view it in the downloads tab on the app, as well as in your files.
  • Snaptube is free to use. Another bonus of SnapTube is that it’s free to download and use, and while there is a premium version, the free one is good enough to satisfy most users.
  • SnapTube supports a large number of platforms meaning that there’s a ton of music and video content to choose from probably more than anyone could ever need.
  • SnapTube has cheap Premium, which is ad-free and allows users to download videos in 4K HD, can be purchased for a one-off payment of just US$1.99.
  • Snaptube organizes music and videos. It’s effortless to organize your music and video files when using SnapTube, and if you want, you can organize them yourself in the files folder of your device
  • Snaptube has integrated a wide range of video sharing and hosting platforms in one place. This means that users can easily find the video of their choice without switching between different apps.
  • It has an inbuilt video player as well so that users can watch unlimited content in the best-available quality without any trouble.
  • The app also supports an unlimited downloading of content. Users can simply download a video to their device with a single tap.
  • The interface provides a different resolution (and size) options for any content to be downloaded. In this way, users can pick the preferred option before commencing the downloading.

Besides videos, Snaptube can also be used to listen to music or download it in the preferred quality.

  • It has a fast-loading video player that supports high-definition content streaming and downloading.

On the homepage, users can find a wide range of platforms listed. However, they can also add any other platform of their choice to the list as well.

  • Snaptube also comes with tons of advanced features. For instance, its picture-in-picture mode can let users watch videos while multitasking.
  • It is trusted. SnapTube has been downloaded more than 400 million times and has generally always received positive feedback. On top of this, the company is very open about its operations, openly publishing details about projects and their revenue on their website.

Snaptube Apk Download and Install 2019

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Snaptube Main Features:-

  • Snaptube can download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and other popular social and video sharing site.
  • You can convert video to audio.
  • Before download any video or mp3, you can able to choose video or mp3 formate and file size.

Why Should You Use Snaptube APK?

Snaptube provides video downloading capabilities at no charge at all. It is entirely free of charge, and it will never charge you at all. One of the features that we enjoy the most is the fact that the app can provide video resolutions starting from a measly 144p to an astounding 1600p.

Snap tube is safe. The downloadable file does not have any malware, ransomware, or any other illegal software attached to it. This means that you can use the app as much as you like on any platform without having to worry about the consequences of using it.

Snaptube has an advanced fast download technology, which makes it a pleasure to use as well as a great companion on the internet.

The Snaptube app can also download music files. That means you can also log on to your favorite music sites like Sound Cloud and Spotify. And use the app to download your favorite music files. The Snaptube app can download music files in MP3 and AAC files as well.

How to Use Snaptube:-

Select a Video Site that you want to download from. Snaptube will launch the URL of that video site and you will see the video site as though you were browsing it on a normal browser. You have the most popular sites listed there like YouTube, Vimeo and others and also the ability to add a custom website if you want to.

Search for the video or music that you want to download from the video site. So now you search for the particular video you are looking for and load it up from within the app as though you were using one of the main sites like YouTube.

Once you have found what you are looking for then you can download videos right away from the search result by tapping on the downward arrow button. You can download the video at the player page by tapping on the “Download.”

Select the file type that you want. The download will start automatically upon selection.

Disadvantages of Snaptube:-

While SnapTube has many great features, the app version is only available on Android, and to use it on other platforms requires an emulator software. It cannot be used on iOS.

Another disadvantage of snaptube is that the free version of the app does have ads, but this is to be expected in any free app of this nature.

SnapTube allows users to download content but does not possess the rights for any of it and it’s up to you to ensure that you’re not illegally downloading any music or videos. It should be noted that installing and using SnapTube responsibly is absolutely legal and safe.

Snaptube Alternative App:-

When it comes to download and stream movies or video through app, then the first thing which comes in our mind is video downloader apps. But still,l there is one problem which is that Snaptube is still not available for every device like you can use Snaptube in IOS devices. Other apps like vidmate, YouTube downloader, keepvid,, videorder are a great alternative for snaptube.


TubeMate is an Android emulator app for Windows that lets you download videos from different video platforms. Before downloading your favorite online videos, you may select the resolution and format of the video. TubeMate supports multiple video formats, including mp4, avi, and 3gp. If you choose to download only the audio and not the video, you may do that too by choosing the mp3 format at the time of download.


Videoder is a tool that allows you to search for any video you want using a personalized search engine that combs through different streaming video services like YouTube, Vimeo, and others so that you can then download them directly to your Android device.

You can choose the quality with which you want to download each video, with different options depending on the video in question. You can even download them in high definition, if it’s available, or choose between MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats.

The sites that Videoder searches have all kinds of material available – everything from video clips to funny videos of cats and dogs. It doesn’t matter what type of videos we are looking for, thanks to the videorder.


It is a fantastic app that allows its users to not only videos but as well as movies and music to their phone or computer in just a few minutes!
VidMate makes all available online media just within our reach as it supports over 1000 websites like Facebook, YouTube, and even Tumblr. The good thing about this app is that the source where you are getting your video or music from does not also have to be a streaming website like Vimeo. Another thing that makes VidMate the ideal media downloader is that it allows its users to convert downloaded videos into mp3 or mp4.


Snaptube has taken over the world. Users of Snaptube from all over the world are enjoying its features. Rating of Snaptube goes up day by day with increasing its users every day. Snaptube is available on google with some awesome features like earlier we could not able to watch our favorite video offline but now with the use of Snaptube we can download video while watching it. There are other good downloader apps like vidmate, videorder, tubemate that can also be used as alternative apps for snaptube.

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