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Spotify Premium Apk 8.6 Latest Mod For Android

With the evolution of technology, the music industry has transitioned from the days of boomboxes that used cassettes to music that is stored in the cloud. This transition has further developed the industry; musicians no longer need to sell a physical storage disk. Instead, they just sign deals with companies that have high tech storage spaces. Several IT companies offer these services, but one of the apps that stands out from the crowd is Spotify premium apk. Below we will delve into details on how you can free download and use the Spotify premium apk.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an app that was developed by a Swedish entertainment company, which is owned by Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon. This app’s specialty is in podcasts, music, and video streaming. It was launched on October 7th, 2008, and has enjoyed a cult following with over 140 million subscribed users who pay for various services being offered by it. Spotify is available in most European countries, America, Australia, and parts of Asia.

Additionally, you can download the app on most modern platforms such as Android, Ios, Windows, and macOS. Searching for music is easy since you can use variables such as album, playlist, genre, or artist. One outstanding feature of this app is that you can create your playlist and share it via social media. Spotify also uses the specific algorithm to link you with videos or music that you might like; this is all dependent on what you love listening to. Its services are free, and they include adverts and certain limitations.

For users who wish to have additional features such as music downloads and improved streaming quality, they will have to dig deeper into their pockets. Nevertheless, Spotify apk lets you experience all the features of a paid premium version for free. Additionally, it is not discriminative on your location, meaning you can access it even in areas that are not supported. Currently, it has over 2 million registered subscribers, and they are growing daily due to the many advantages it brings.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify premium mod apk is a free app that doesn’t need you to root your device so that you can install it. Below are some of its excellent features

Spotify connect

One outstanding feature that endears this mod app to users is the Spotify connect. With Spotify connect you will have the ability to enjoy your favorite music by linking your Spotify app with other compatible devices such as stereo systems.

No ads

As much as the free Spotify app is enticing, it has its perks, one of it is that you will have both visual and audio ads popping up when listening to your favorite music. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of using the free version. With the premium Spotify version, you will get 100% ad-free guarantee

Unlimited music and videos

As mentioned, Spotify has over 40+ million songs, and they keep adding daily as artists release new songs. The free version will limit the number of songs you can listen to, especially with their new privacy rule where you can only access the latest songs after two weeks if you are using the free version. With the premium version, you will get unlimited access to videos and music, even if it was released yesterday.

Offline Music Download

One of the most significant disadvantages that users have expressed in using Spotify is the fact that they don’t encourage downloading of music using their platform. Most users have been using unconventional methods, where they use several apps to download songs. With Spotify premium, you will get the advantage of downloading any song or playlist that amazes you.

High Sound Quality

The free version of Spotify lets you enjoy music, which mostly comes with the 180 kbps sound quality. As much as this is a high quality of sound, it can’t beat the Spotify premium’s version where the music gets played with 320 kbps which is a high definition sound quality.

User-friendly interface

Unlike the original app’s interface which has its interface packed with a lot of detailed information, the Spotify premium’s version comes with an interface that is not only beautiful but it is also simple to use. As you navigate through it, you will find that it lets you create your playlist with ease. And all these features are for free.

How to Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Before downloading, it is crucial to note that it is free and that you won’t need to root your android device when you need to install it.

[table id=2 /] Download Now

Step 1 – Launch your favorite browser

Step 2 – if you are using the android version, you can simply type download Spotify premium apk and press enter.

Step  3 – select a website that has a relevant download link.

Step 4 – click on the link and wait for it to download

Step 5 – look for the apk file in the download folder and click installation.

Step 6 – So that the device can trust this app, go to settings, then tap on general, then device manager. Once there, click on west Air Co., Ltd, and lastly, tap on the trust option.

System requirements for Spotify Premium 

Like many apps, this, too, has the minimum requirements for it to function. Below are some of the elements that devices must meet so that the premium version of Spotify can install.

  • For the latest version of Spotify 2018 to function on an Android device, the device has to be at least 4.1 (jelly bean)version

How to install Spotify premium

As is usually the case, all modded apps cannot be found in google play store. Spotify premium being a modded app; you will download it from a reliable source. Before downloading, check to see that your Android device meets the recommended minimum requirements; if it does, then you can continue downloading the app.

Step 1 download Spotify premium from a reliable source

Step 2, after downloading head to the settings icon and navigate to security. On that tab, locate “allow installation from unknown sources” and tap on that checkbox to enable it.

Step 3, once you have allowed installation from unknown sources, find the app in the download folder and extract it.

Step 4, after removing the file, tap on the apk and grant all the required permissions.

Step 5 after that, the app will ask you to register for a Spotify account

Steps 6 enjoy the app after registering.

iPhone devices

Step 1 – For users who use iPhones, they will have to download the tutu helper app and search for Spotify premium version there.

Step 2 – After searching Spotify premium in the tutu helper app, click install Spotify app; it is usually the green button just below the Spotify premium app icon.

Step 3 – So that the device can trust this app, go to settings, then tap on general, and later click onto device management. Once there, click on west Air Co., Ltd, and lastly, tap on the trust option.

How to use Spotify premium 

Before using it, you will have to register using your email. Below is a step by step process on how to use this premium mod app

Step 1 – install Spotify premium app on your android device.

Step 2 – once installed. Enter your username and password and click login.

Step 3 – if you wish to listen to a specific artist or a particular song, click on the search bar and type it and press enter. Once there, select the particular song you wished and tap on it to play or add to your playlist.

Step 4 – if you are not sure about one particular song, you can long-press any song to listen to a sample of it.

Step 5 – this premium version lets you follow friends, artists, and other music lovers. Additionally, it enables you to share music with your friends, so they can have a taste of what you love.

Step 6 – If you are a music fanatic, click browse icon on the left panel of your screen, and once you have tapped browse, choose how you want to browse. You can either select what is popular or what genres you would want to view.

Step 7 –  This premium app lets you keep stuff that you like in the library, and you can readily retrieve them.

Step 8 – If you are having a party and don’t have a personal disc jockey, you can go to browse and select party, on that tab you will be provided with a lot of party options and you will need to choose one that depicts the party you look to have. Lastly, slide the mood bar until it captures the vibe.

Step 9 – Spotify premium lets you access radio selection. Under this platform, you will type the artist or song you wish to listen to and Spotify radio will let you listen to music that is close to that genre or style.

Step 10 – one of the most significant advantages is that you can listen to your favorite songs while offline.

Step 11 – Lastly, with the Spotify premium mod app, you will have a download link for any song that you wish to download.

Spotify FAQs

  1. What connection do I need to use on Spotify?

Spotify can use any connection from broadband data to the cable modem, although the best is a faster connection.

  1. Can Spotify stream videos when using the edge?

Spotify will use a network that is serving you with 160kbps or a bit lower, although it will stream slowly. It is also noteworthy that it will only function if the data being used has a speed that is closer to 200 kbps.

  1. Is the app a premium version?

This app is only a mod version and it lets you experience all the features of a premium version for free.

  1. Is the app legal?

Yes, the app is legal since the app presents you with the correct payment details for every song you listen to.


With the evolution of technology, many music apps have popped up to fill the position left by disks and cassettes. One outstanding app is the Spotify app, with over 2 million subscribers, this app guarantees you the availability of any music that you might have heard. Additionally, it has a download link that lets you download songs and videos that you love. Pretty cool right!

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