System Requirements for Spotify

System Requirements for Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, video streaming and podcast service that give you access to millions of audio content from artists all over the world. It is available for pc, android device, TVs, Cars etc.  But the Spotify mod apk is a hacking version that can give you unlimited access without paying money. So, you can listen to music and watch the video at any time. You can also download your favourite music to using the mod version.

Spotify System Requirements:-

iPhone – Spotify can function only on an iPhone if it is above the iPhone 4s, and it’s using ios 9 or above; additionally, the iPhone device should have 100 megabytes of free space. If you want to install latest Spotify iOS version on your iPhone, your device should run iOS 8 and upper version.

Ipad – for it to function on an iPod device it has to have 100 megabytes of free space. Additionally, it has to be at least iPod 2 or above and using either ios 9 or above.

iPod – Spotify can only function in an iPod if it’s a 5th generation iPod touch or above and it should have at least 100 megabytes of free space. Additionally, it should use either ios 9 or above.

Android Device– Spotify supports any Android device so long it is using 4.0.3 or above and has a free space of 500 megabytes. If you want to install the latest version of Spotify premium on your device, your device should run Android 4.2 OS and up.

MAC – Spotify supports any mac device so long as it has OSX10.9 or above. But you should remember that Spotify old version support all Mac OS. You can check your device comfortably to Spotify Official website.

Windows – Spotify supports all windows devices only if they are above windows 7. If your device has windows XP or windows vista then you can’t use it.

Additionally, it can function well on all browser platforms.

Features of Spotify -

Features of Spotify –

Below is a Step by step detail of how to access some of Spotify’s cool features.

  • Spotify has the advantage of letting you know a song’s information. You can access its album or its artist. Simply click on the song you wish to know its information and then move the cursor to the three buttons at the right corner.
  • You can save songs weekly. IFTTT users can set up an applet that helps them save weekly playlist every week.
  • You can simply search for Spotify in IFTT app and select discover weekly applet.
  • You can connect Shazam to Spotify. For users who don’t know Shazam; it is an app that listens to a song that you had no idea what its name is and gives you the name of the song. You will simply scroll through your shazam’s tracks to view all the songs you have found using it.
  • You can view the lyrics of a song playing in Spotify. You will have to launch your soundhound app and tap listen. The app will identify the song then display the lyrics.
  • You can start a private session where you can hide your activity from social feeds, this will also protect you discover weekly playlists. You will simply go to your library then tap gear icon then click on social. Lastly, navigate to a private session and tap it to on.
  • You can recover a deleted playlist that you might have deleted wrongly. Simply open the Spotify web client and log in to your account. Once opened click recover playlist and then select the playlists you wish to restore.
  • Create a new playlist folder for your favourite songs. Simply click on the file then click new playlist folder, and then rename it. Then click on all your playlists and move them to that folder.
  • With Spotify premium apk you can download any music or playlist, listen to any music without any interruption of ads, you can also listen to music offline, have unlimited skips and lastly, you can also experience mobile streaming of videos.

How to download Spotify

Before downloading it is crucial to note that it is totally free for all basic features, although if you wish to experience additional features then you will have to subscribe for a small cost. Below is a step by step process of how to download the app

Step 1 before downloading it, you will have to register. So launch your browser and search for Spotify’s official page and sign up using your email and preferred password. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook profile.

Step 2 go to your settings icon and navigate to security option. Once there tap on the checkbox indicated allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 3 Launch your favourite browser and on the search bar type

Step 4 it will launch a download link on their website, if you realize that download has not started within a few seconds, click the option indicated “restart the download”

Step 5 look for the app in your downloads folder and double click it

Step 6 the installation process will begin please let it finish before leaving the page.

Step 7 log in to it and enjoy the world of music, videos, and podcasts

This is a short article about Spotify.

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